Approval of banking products

Loan procedure (as well as other products and services offered by the bank - guarantees, letters of credit, credit cards ...) goes through several steps:
  • Defining the client status by determining creditworthiness and solvency (choice and contracting of collateral, loan proposal to determine the needs and expectations, offer the most favorable conditions, introduce the client with the way bank works)
  • Determining creditworthiness and solvency by filling the forms: loan application, proof of status and amount of income, administrative ban on document collection: Salary (and retirement benefits) report, payslips, Creditworthiness, Solvency.
  • Choice and contracting of insurance instruments depends on amount of loan, guarantees, consent of the salary seizure, insurance policy, debentures
  • Credit proposal of credit committee: approving or rejecting loan, preparation of repayment plan, signing, contract verification

Described procedure is implemented in unique system that lays on top of documentation platform which provides fast, accurate, reliable and high-quality decision making for the credit committee.
Although the procedure looks complex, execution is done with a number of simple activities. This enables complete control over loan approval process.

  • Overview and control of all processed requests and tasks by the clerk (insight into the request status in every moment)
  • Process supervision by the clerks superior and other process participant
  • Faster documentation circulation and process execution (from receiving request to the realization of loan)
  • Up to date records of all business events (reports)
  • Possibility of audit control
  • Reduction of operational risks (process "leads" the employee in execution of set tasks, security of accessed information and document circulation control)
  • Possibility of a thorough analysis of time consuming processes and weak points in the process
  • Categorization of complete documentation in one place (virtual file)
  • Document generation from a single source (form standardization)
  • Integration with other bank applications (scoring, core banking, filing and records)
  • Speeding up the credit process, service improvement and client satisfaction, along with the increased competitiveness
  • Automated business processes for receiving loan documentation and credit approval
  • Integrated scanning module
  • Integrated DocReports - reporting system
  • Integration with banking core systems