Maintenance jobs are extremely important for proper system operation. It ensures that the risks of the system are reduced to the minimum.
Maintenance operations are divided into three categories:
Preventive maintenance consists of periodic checks of software products and software environment in which the first is running, with purpose of early identifying potential problems and improving system performance.
Corrective maintenance consists of error correction of the delivered software product, so the product could work in accordance with software specifications. Corrective maintenance includes the removal of work delays in the system.
Extended maintenance is comprised of modifications and amendments to the functionality of the delivered software product, and related activities, in compliance with the user requirements.

Examples of extended maintenance:
  • development of functional specification/conceptual design according to the request for a modification
  • modifications and amendments of functionality of delivered software product
  • service of additional user training
  • development of new product functionality
  • customization of software product according to new legal and other regulations
  • consulting activities
  • writing additional documentation
  • integration of the product with other software and computer systems
  • creation of custom reports
  • resolution of data analysis requests, data transfer from/to other systems, etc.
  • other activities in the field of information technology and business process