Senso IS

Senso IS company has been established in year 2004.
The emphasis of the company is on the development of business solutions for management of documents, content and business rules - Enterprise Content Management (ECM), field in which we are the leading company in Croatia and the region.
The company specializes in system integration and business solutions. In the area of system integration, today, we are positioned among the top 10 IT companies in Croatia, and we are the leading company for solutions in document management (financial and public sector). The emphasis and the strategic orientation of the company is on the cutting edge technology of the leading manufacturers of the IT equipment and the highly trained team of specialized employees.
Our goal is to allow customers to accomplish business continuity and maximize performance of themselves and their services and products.
Professional Senso IS staff posses operational experience acquired by developing projects in the following areas:
  • management of documents, content and archiving,
  • business process management,
  • business continuity and disaster recovery,
  • protection and consolidation of data,
  • management of IT systems.
Project experience of the staff is complemented and verified with professional certificates that include:
  • Enterprise Content Management platforms,
  • project management,
  • application development,
  • system integration,
  • IT system management.
14 highly qualified experts are employed on development and implementation of document management systems within Senso IS department of IT business solutions. All experts are trained in academic centers of manufacturers of IT equipment.

Senso IS possesses over 50 different certifications in the field of development and implementation of document management systems. By investing significant funds in the development of competence and expertise of its employees, Senso IS presents a reliable partner to its clients.