During the design of business processes, every industry has its own specific processes.
Analysis and design of business processes is being carried out for the purpose of:
  • determining the time required for the execution of business process,
  • finding activities that slow down the execution of the business process,
  • faster return of investment in the system

Analysis and design of business processes enables better understanding of the organization business, and automation of the business processes.

Advantages of BPM:
  • reduced cost of the process,
  • increased process quality / lower number of errors,
  • shorter duration of the process,
  • shorter training time of employees / lower costs,
  • reduced number of internal requests for support,
  • reduced number of complaints from users,
  • increased ability to predict the situation and plan.

BPM is a way of managing the organization by:
  • optimizing the business processes,
  • increasing efficiency and quality, along with greater transparency,
  • reducing the resource loads,
  • minimizing the risks and costs,
  • increasing the speed of executing activities without compromising on quality.