In addition to developing solutions according to customer requirements and implementing own solutions, Senso IS also offers an implementation of standard business solutions ECM (Enterprise Content Management) - business document management, content management and business rules management.
Implementation of these solutions includes integration with other applications (existing applications in the user environment) and their adjustment and modification according to user requirements. Senso IS is able to offer complete and integrated business solution that will be functional, but also within client's monetary possibilities.

Implementation of ECM solutions is often done over a longer period of time, and in stages because of the integration with existing systems, or due to the need to replace existing solutions.
To make whole implementation as painless as possible, the entire process is approached professionally, taking into account all of factors which could affect the process of implementation. Included are all the details: from detailed planning, business analysis and measurement of the impact of the introduction of the new system.

We perform necessary adjustments to these solutions with our own resources, knowledge and experience. Reason behind it is to maintain the quality, and not only in current projects, but in future changes caused by change in the way of the business, or advancement of development platform.