Managing IT projects

This service is aimed at business organizations, especially medium-sized and larger, which must change in order to advance in their business, thus they partake in projects of different sizes and complexity, to change their business segments which are necessary for the expansion and survival on the market.
The purpose of project management is not questioning the purpose and importance of the planned changes, but to ensure that the project results are those that enable the desired change.

Business benefits of project management:
  • managing the extent and the changes to the project
  • delivery of the project results on time and within a set framework
  • focusing the project team on the solution
  • securing the project support from all the stakeholders
  • control over the progress of the project, risks and changes
  • successful resolution of unpredictable situations
  • concentration on the completion and handover of the project

The concept of project management relates to the definition and planing, monitoring, control and completion of the project.

Every project needs a certain level of management. The larger the project and more complex, the greater the need for a formal, standard and structured process.

Senso IS offers its knowledge and experience so that each initiated project would be successfully completed. Till today we have successfully followed this practice.