Digital archive

Digital archive is a document repository that is available 24x7. It stores documentation independently of its source or type. Searching is easily accessible through a web application.
Documentation entry is performed by:
  • scanning of incoming documents in PDF file format, processing of the scanned document (scanned document image enhancement) and direct input into documentation system
  • document entry in electronic form (files from word processors, electronic mail and similar) into documentation system

Digital archive contains all of the features of document management system (DMS):
  • secure document access by granting access rights to archive users
  • document search by attributes assigned to each document
  • easier management of access rights by using user groups
  • review of processed document historical data
    • action performers
    • performed actions
    • date and time of performed actions
  • defining security policy based on:
    • document type
    • document properties
    • users that are accessing the document
  • providing audit trail according to company security policy
  • document organization within documentation system through the folder structure