Senso IS WebScan is a module that enables scanning directly within a web application.
It can be integrated into standard or customized web client applications, and it is ran from within the integrated applications, so it can not be used independently. It does not require to be installed on a local computer.

WebScan module is used to scan documents into a document repository (documentation system) through a few simple steps. With this module there is no need to have a dedicated scanning program on a computer and later import of the scanned document into the documentation system.
Senso IS WebScan is a module that enables scanning in web applications. It is integrated in standard or custom web client applications. It is ran from within the application in which it is integrated and it can not be used independently.
Senso IS WebScan module is used for scanning documents directly from a web application. Scanned documents are stored in repositories.

WebScan consists of the following major components:
  • Client is an ActiveX control that has to be installed on each client computer. It can be programmed to create personal web client applications to run in Microsoft Internet Explorer. It is possible to control indexing, error handling, data logging, image processing within the application. In addition, it is possible to use ISIS and TWAIN drivers which are installed on client computers to control scanners and other compatible image sources (cameras, web cameras, ...) within the browser. Usage of ISIS drivers is recommended due to improved compatibility and reliability.
  • Server is a flexible back-end component based on Java, which manages incoming documents from any number of clients. Server is included with a default implementation. Server back-end logic can be modified to store images in a way that requires the user environment.