Senso IS µDoC is a solution for integrating digitizing system and microfilming system with documentation system.
The system is digitized by imaging module for enhancing scanned documents, optical content recognition and exporting to the documentation system. Business process support is provided with the documentation system that contains their implementation.

Senso IS µDoC is built as an individual module within client layer, which ensures that all intended documentation, ends up recorded on a microfilm. It also logs, in repository, all the necessary information about executed microfilming activity.

Senso IS µDoC connects microfilming technology with platforms for managing business documentation, content and business rules (ECM).
Core value of this system is a complete solution that covers input management, transactional and/or electronic content management and microfilming content on tape/film.

Extended functionality of document management system enable:
  • extended life span of paper form documents,
  • storing large quantities of documents in original form (Court registers and documents),
  • storing in high resolution
  • saving disk space and money
  • document creation independence
  • document availability for about 500 years
  • document immutability

This solution enables security policy creation based on security rules and document status within microfilming process.

Microfilming activities are executed through familiar user interface.
This module can be installed individually, or as a part of modified Transactional Content Management (TCM) and/or Electronic Content Mnaagement (ECM) solution.